Nomadic gold treasure: the seven values of the kazakhs

The Kazakhs are a nomadic people who have lived in Central Asia for centuries and have a rich cultural tradition. One of the most remarkable characteristics of Kazakhs is their emphasis on certain values that guide their society and their lives. These values are deeply rooted in the history and culture of the Kazakh people and are still held in high regard by many Kazakhs today.

One of the core Kazakh values is respect for elders and the family. A strong family bond is of great importance to Kazakhs, and the well-being of the family is paramount. At the same time, elders are held in high esteem within the family circle and are highly respected for their wisdom and experience.


The 5 best career blogs to read in nigeria

The 5 best career blogs to read in nigeria

Nigeria is a country with many talented people looking for the best career opportunities. With the development of the internet, blogs have played an important role in providing information and tips to help Nigerian readers in their career journey. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 career blogs in Nigeria that you should definitely read.
The first blog on our list is CareerGuide Nigeria. This blog provides comprehensive and updated information on various career opportunities in Nigeria. Here you can also find useful tips on how to apply for jobs, improve your skills and much more.
Next up is the Jobberman Blog, which focuses on job opportunities and career tips. Here you will find current job opportunities in Nigeria and valuable tips to improve your skills and your career.
The MyJobMag Blog Is another great blog that focuses on career development and job opportunities in Nigeria. Here you will find valuable information on various career opportunities, tips on how to apply for jobs and much more.
The NaijaGists Blog is another excellent career blog that provides information on various topics, including career tips. Here you will also find information on current job openings and valuable tips on personal development.
Lastly, we have the EmployMe Nigeria Blog. This blog focuses on providing resources and tools to help job seekers in Nigeria achieve their career goals. Here you will find helpful advice on how to apply for jobs, improve your skills and much more.

BusinessDay Nigeria: the best blog for career tips in Nigeria

If you’re looking for career tips in Nigeria, be sure to check out the blog BusinessDay Nigeria. Find everything from the latest industry-specific knowledge to practical tips on interviewing and workplace ethics.


Moving in together: checklist, tips and common mistakes

Moving in with your partner is a big step in a relationship. Whether moving into a shared apartment or buying a house, there is a lot of planning and organizing to do. But what steps should be considered on the way to a successful merger?
In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist that will help you consider all aspects of living together. We will also provide you with useful tips to make the transition as smooth as possible. Additionally, we will highlight some common mistakes couples often make when moving in together and how to avoid them.
So if you’re planning to move in with your partner, or are in the process of doing so, be sure to read on!

Planning is everything when moving in together

Moving in with your partner is an exciting step in a relationship. But before you enter the new shared apartment, there are many things to consider and to plan. A checklist can help to ensure that important details are not forgotten.


Efficient working time management with moco

Moco – a well-known provider of working time management solutions – has recently released a new video explaining the current working time tracking process. This video is designed to help companies understand the benefits of automated labor time management and optimize their workflows.

By using Moco, companies can efficiently track employee work time. The digitalization of time management saves time and simplifies the management of working time in companies. This allows companies to focus on their core business areas while complying with the strict requirements of the Working Time Act.


Overview of the budget of the municipality of steinhorst

The municipality of Steinhorst is a rural community in the Hanover region. With an area of around 22 square kilometers and a population of approx. 2.500 people, it is one of the smaller communities in the region.

The budget of the municipality of Steinhorst plans the income and expenses for the coming year. Various areas such as education, culture, infrastructure and social services are taken into account in this process. The budget is decided by the municipal council and has an impact on the lives of residents.


Driving license revocation for amphetamine use below analytical limit

Driving license revocation for amphetamine use below analytical limit

In traffic, the use of drugs is a danger for all road users. Amphetamines are among the psychoactive substances that can affect the consciousness and thus significantly restrict driving. Germany is considered a country with very strict legislation regarding drugs behind the wheel. Since the effects of amphetamines on driving behavior are difficult to predict, driving licenses are generally revoked for their use.

However, there are cases where a driver has been found to have used amphetamines but is under the analytical limit. In these cases, a driver’s license revocation is not mandatory. The analytical limit refers to the detection of amphetamines in the blood, which is exceeded at a specific concentration.


To the shovels, ready, go!

Working with shovels is one of the oldest activities of mankind. For thousands of years, shovels have been used to move earth, sand, snow and much more. Whether in agriculture, road building or gardening, shovels are indispensable tools. But even today, working with shovels is by no means obsolete. Shovels are still irreplaceable in many professions.

As a symbol of physical labor and toughness, shovels also gained significance in the culture. For example, in the movie “Shovel up, get set, go!” from 1978, which deals with the conflict between workers and the capital side. The title of the film expresses that it is time to tackle energetically and take up the fight.


Long-term credit and its key features

Taking out a long-term loan is an important decision in the life of any business owner. We are talking about large sums of money and long-term commitments that must be well thought out. But what exactly is meant by a long-term loan and what are its characteristic features?

A long-term loan is financing that typically runs for a period of several years. Unlike short-term loans, which often last only a few months, a long-term loan offers greater financial security and predictability. However, there are some specifics to consider here as well.


Answers to questions about the credit suisse crisis

Credit Suisse Bank has been making headlines in the business world for some time now. There is a lot of coverage of their crisis, but what does it all mean? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Credit Suisse crisis.
What triggered the crisis at Credit Suisse?
Credit Suisse Bank is in crisis, having faced a series of problems in recent years that have had a negative impact on its balance sheets. Some of these problems were internal factors, such as employee misconduct, while others were caused by external factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
How Credit Suisse will respond to the crisis?
Credit Suisse has already taken steps to respond to the crisis. Among them, it replaced the co-chairman of the investment banking department and the head of risk and compliance. Regulators have also launched their investigations to resolve the matter.
What impact has the crisis had on Credit Suisse clients and investors??
It is still too early to determine exactly what concrete impact the crisis will have on Credit Suisse Bank’s clients and investors. However, some analysts are already indicating that there could be a significant decline in client confidence, which could lead to a substantial loss of assets.

Questions and answers about the Credit Suisse crisis

What is the Credit Suisse crisis?