“A longer grass provides sun protection for the soil”

The lawn is an important component of the garden. It adds beauty, elegance and charm to the garden. However, it is not only an element of aesthetics, but also of soil health. A well-maintained lawn provides the soil with protection from various environmental conditions such as dust, wind and heat.

The soil is home to billions of microorganisms that are vital to the garden ecosystem. They produce nutrients and help maintain soil structure. A longer lawn provides protection from the sun for these organisms, which results in the soil staying cooler. This in turn improves air and water circulation in the soil and promotes plant growth.


4 Unusual fruits and vegetables you probably don’t know about

The world is full of amazing plants, many of which we have never heard of. Fruits and vegetables we’ve never heard of grow in remote corners of the world that we barely know about. These strange plants often have unique flavors and can be both sweet and savory.

Here are four unusual fruits and vegetables you’ve probably never tried before. They may be hard to find, but if you have the chance to try them, they will surely surprise your taste buds.


The latest travel trends for summer 2017

Summer is the best season for travel enthusiasts. The sun is shining, the days are long and the world is open to you. Every year there are new trends in the travel industry and 2017 is no exception.

The buzzwords for this season are “Back to Nature”, “Slow Travel” and “traveling by bike. More and more people want to escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy nature. Camping vacations are experiencing a rebirth and nature parks are more popular than ever. Traveling by train or bicycle is also becoming very popular because it offers the opportunity to travel slowly and consciously.


Love, relationship and narcissism

Partnership should be characterized by love, respect and support. But unfortunately, many relationships are characterized by destructive dynamics and narcissism. Such relationships can be hard to recognize and even harder to leave.

When talking about a partnership characterized by narcissism, many people think of a vain and self-absorbed person. But this behavior usually masks a deep sense of insecurity and vulnerability. Narcissistic relationships can lead to a power imbalance and emotional abuse, which can significantly damage the other partner’s self-esteem and mental health.


Does it make a difference if you have a cat or a tomcat?

Choosing between a female and male cat can be a difficult decision. From temperament to health, there are many factors to consider. But does it really make a difference whether you have a cat or a tomcat as a pet?

A common assumption is that males are more aggressive and territorial towards cats. In fact, male cats can tend to be more dominant, but it also depends on the breed and personality of the animal.


To the shovels, ready, go!

Working with shovels is one of the oldest activities of mankind. For thousands of years, shovels have been used to move earth, sand, snow and much more. Whether in agriculture, road building or gardening, shovels are indispensable tools. But even today, working with shovels is by no means obsolete. Shovels are still irreplaceable in many professions.

As a symbol of physical labor and toughness, shovels also gained significance in the culture. For example, in the movie “Shovel up, get set, go!” from 1978, which deals with the conflict between workers and the capital side. The title of the film expresses that it is time to tackle energetically and take up the fight.