Femke schaap sets up “virtual fairground” light art piece

Femke Schaap, a Dutch artist, will launch her new artwork “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND” next Saturday Build in public space. The installation consists of a combination of light, sound and video and will transport the viewer into a virtual world.

Schaap is known for her impressive light installations, which she has presented in various countries around the world. She has been working for many years on how to bring art and technology together to give viewers a memorable experience.


7 Requirements for an effective contract management solution

Effective contract management is critical for organizations of all sizes. Efficient management of contracts and other legal documents is one of the most important elements for successful business operations. An effective contract management solution can help organizations minimize risk, reduce costs, and improve compliance procedures.

However, there are numerous programs on the market marketed as contract management solutions, so it is important to know exactly what requirements an effective solution should meet.


Qprompt – the free teleprompter

A teleprompter is essential when it comes to delivering longer texts smoothly and without interruptions. However, the use of teleprompters has so far often been associated with high costs and a long training period. Qprompt is a free and easy-to-use teleprompter that can be used by non-experts.

Qprompt is an open source project developed by a team of programmers and actors. The focus was on intuitive usability and high flexibility. You can choose from different text formats and make individual settings to adapt the teleprompter optimally to your needs.


A new colleague on the team: the software robot

Ongoing digitization is increasing the need for efficient, automated workflows. In this context, software robots are gaining importance as a workforce. They do not look like robots from science fiction movies, but consist of code and algorithms.

A software robot can perform repetitive tasks, collect, process and analyze data. As a result, manual tasks can be automated and employees can focus on other tasks. The software robot thus becomes a valuable member of the team and can increase the productivity of the company.


Mac os x: encrypting the time machine backup volume

Backing up important data on the Mac has become more than necessary these days in the face of ransomware and other threats. One of the best ways to back up your data on the Mac is to use Time Machine. It is a built-in backup software from Apple that is easy to use and creates regular backups of your files.

However, there is one important step that many Mac users avoid: encrypting the Time Machine backup volume. By adding a layer of encryption, your data can be protected from unauthorized access in case the backup volume falls into the wrong hands.


More and more studios are following in raven’s footsteps

Developer studio Raven Software has been making a splash lately, especially with the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone. But their work goes far beyond that: Raven’s expertise in developing battle royale games has helped other studios follow in their footsteps.

The phenomenon is not surprising: by presenting a successful prototype, Raven Software has shown other studios that there is indeed a market for these types of games. Immediately after the launch of Warzone, numerous other studios jumped on the bandwagon and are now working on their own battle royale games.


Sony ps3 outsells nintendo wii in japan in march

Sony’s PlayStation 3 sold more units than the Nintendo Wii in Japan in March, a surprise to industry insiders.

According to the latest sales figures, in March 2019 in Japan, 32.826 PlayStation 3 units sold, while Nintendo Wii sold only 31.528 units sold. This marks the first time in years that the PlayStation 3 has surpassed the Nintendo Wii in monthly sales in Japan.


Efficient working time management with moco

Moco – a well-known provider of working time management solutions – has recently released a new video explaining the current working time tracking process. This video is designed to help companies understand the benefits of automated labor time management and optimize their workflows.

By using Moco, companies can efficiently track employee work time. The digitalization of time management saves time and simplifies the management of working time in companies. This allows companies to focus on their core business areas while complying with the strict requirements of the Working Time Act.