Femke schaap sets up “virtual fairground” light art piece

Femke Schaap, a Dutch artist, will launch her new artwork “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND” next Saturday Build in public space. The installation consists of a combination of light, sound and video and will transport the viewer into a virtual world.

Schaap is known for her impressive light installations, which she has presented in various countries around the world. She has been working for many years on how to bring art and technology together to give viewers a memorable experience.

Femke schaap sets up 'virtual fairground' light art piece

“VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND” Will be set up in a public square downtown and will become a point of attraction for tourists and locals alike for a limited period of time. Schaap hopes her work will make people feel like they are part of a surreal world while allowing them to return to everyday life, renewed and inspired.

The installation will be on view through the end of the month and is a unique opportunity to see Schaap’s latest work and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Do not miss it!

Light meets art: Dutch artist Femke Schaap sets up her light artwork “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND

On Saturday, Dutch artist Femke Schaap will present her latest artwork “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND” will be erected in the city. Her work is an installation of light and sound that blurs the boundaries between art and technology.

Schaap, who is known for her unique light installations, has developed a special software for this work, which enables many art lovers to immerse themselves in a virtual world. Visitors will be transported to an immersive landscape accompanied by interactive lights and sounds.

The artist is known for her use of technology in her art and her ability to manipulate the perception of visitors. In “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND” she uses light to create an artificial space in which different worlds and experiences are presented.

The installation is a tribute to the relationship between light and art, which can be seen in many Dutch artworks. Schaap believes that the artistic potential of light is often underestimated, and she hopes that “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND” will be will help raise awareness of the potential of light in contemporary art.

Where to see the artwork?

Dutch artist Femke Schaap will set up her new light art piece, “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND,” next Saturday. The artwork will be on display in a public place and everyone is invited to visit it.

For those who would like to see the artwork but do not live near the location, there is an opportunity to see photos of the artwork online. On Femke Schaap’s official website, there will soon be a gallery where visitors can see the different angles of the artwork.

  • Those interested can also take a tour of the virtual artwork.
  • To do this, you have to open a 360-degree tour on Femke Schaap’s website and can view the artwork from home.

Femke Schaap’s light artwork, “VIRTUAL FAIRGROUND”, is a unique work of art that transports viewers into a virtual world. Everyone is invited to visit the artwork and see for themselves.

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